Gary Wattnem

Sales Manager - The Americas, Reichert Technologies

As an international traveler, the Mason City Airport has been my gateway to the world for over 30 years.  The easy access to the facilities and services at the airport have expedited my travel and enhanced the travel experience.  I have the opportunity to travel through a lot of different airports and by any measure, there are none more user friendly and efficient than the Mason City Airport."

John Michel

Plant Manager - Kraft Foods Mason City Operations

Whether you are a business person or a leisure traveler, the Mason City Airport is an indispensable amenity that we are fortunate to have.  The flights are cost competitive especially when you add gas, rental car costs, and parking.  It's fast, safe, reliable and the easy way to travel anywhere.  It's also run by our own friendly North Iowa people.   The best way to maintain this jewel that we have is to use it!  Add up the costs and you'll find it's a good deal.

Marti Rodamaker

President/CEO - First Citizens National Bank

The Mason City Airport plays a vital role for Mason City and the North Iowa area, providing transportation essential for busy executives as well as for their families.  Being a frequent traveler, I value the convenience of the short drive to the airport and the valuable and time-saving services I receive.  Mason City Airport makes it so much easier for me to stay connected with various banking organizations across the country.

Kurt Hohmeister

AG Processing Construction Manager

I fly monthly to either Seattle or Portland and I live in Algona.  This is very convenient.  It is a small airport, service is friendly, easy to get through security, and parking is free.  It's just the most convenient for me.

Terry Wisner

TeamQuest Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer

We at TeamQuest utilize the airport extensively. It's an access point for us. From an employee's standpoint, it has a lot to do with convenience. If we have a global meeting with our employees coming into the airport, it's a convenience point for them to be on the premises as long as possible versus driving a couple of hours either north or south. We also use the airport extensively as a recruiting tool for new employees. Knowing we can fly them in allows them to understand that we have an amenity that is available through the airport so they can get back out at any given point in time to see their family. We save a significant amount of money, time and effort as well as parking as an example, versus free parking out at the airport.