Welcome to the Mason City Municipal Airport!

The Mason City Municipal Airport is North Iowa’s Gateway to the World. Our airport offers easy access, streamlined security, free parking, free terminal Wi-Fi and first class airline service to Minneapolis, Chicago, and St. Louis on Air Choice One. If you are travelling to or from our airport, we hope this site will help you find the information you need. No matter if you are travelling for business or pleasure, we hope you remember to Fly MCW!

The airport is operated by the City of Mason City under the authority of the Mason City Airport Commission.

Airline Schedule

Arriving From Day Depart Arrive
St. Louis M-F 6:00AM 9:05AM
St. Louis M-F 6:40AM 9:20AM
Minneapolis M-F 11:10AM 12:05PM
Chicago M-F 12:10PM 2:30PM
Minneapolis M-F 4:00PM 5:00PM
Chicago M-F 8:10PM 10:05PM
Chicago S-S 11:45AM 1:40PM
Minneapolis S-S 5:00PM 6:00PM

Airport News

Departing To Day Depart Arrive
Chicago M-F 9:25AM 11:20AM
Minneapolis M-F 9:35AM 10:25AM
St. Louis M-F 12:20PM 3:05PM
Minneapolis M-F 2:15PM 3:15PM
St. Louis M-F 3:00PM 6:00PM
Chicago M-F 5:30PM 7:25PM
Chicago S-S 9:00AM 10:55AM
Minneapolis S-S 2:30PM 3:30PM