Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for gift certificates or voucher donations?

The Mason City Municipal Airport is unable to provide donations and does not offer gift certificates.  We recommend you contact Air Choice One or North Iowa Air Service or directly to meet your requests.

What airlines fly from Mason City?

Air Choice One provides daily air service from Mason City to Minneapolis and Chicago.  For more information visit

What terminal does Air Choice One use?

Air Choice One uses Terminal 3, Gate L10 in Chicago O’Hare International Airport and Terminal 1 Concourse B at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.

How can I purchase flights out of or into Mason City?

To purchase airline tickets, you can visit or call their Reservation number 1-866-435-9847.

Where do I learn to fly?

North Iowa Air Service provides flight instruction and aircraft rental on the Mason City Municipal Airport.  You can find out more at or by calling 641-424-9366.

How early should I arrive at the airport?

Air Choice One asks all of its passengers to check-in at least one hour before your scheduled departure time.  This is to allow staff time to perform all necessary tasks before the flight and ensures adequate time to pass through security.

What baggage am I allowed to have?

Each passenger may carry on one (1) personal item which is no larger than 18’’ x 18’’ x 8’’ and does not exceed 20 pounds. This will be the only item allowed in the aircraft cabin.

In addition to the personal item described above, each passenger may designate one item as a carry-on bag. This bag may be no larger than 22” x 14” x 9” and must not exceed 50 pounds.

Any passenger may bring one checked bag, weighing up to 50 pounds and measuring no more than 27”x 14”x 38”, at no additional charge.  Checked bags will not be automatically forwarded to your connecting flight, and must be retrieved and re-checked with your connecting carrier.

For complete information and baggage requirements, visit

How much is parking at the Mason City Municipal Airport?

Parking is provided free to all of the Mason City Municipal Airport’s guests up to 30 days.  If your stay requires you leave a vehicle more than 30 days, we ask that you contact the Airport Administration Office at 641-421-3397 to make arrangements.

How much time should I allow in Chicago or Minneapolis for connecting flights?

Air Choice One recommends no less than one hour for connecting flights in Chicago and Minneapolis if you have only carry-on bags.  If you have a checked bag, you should allow a little extra time to claim and recheck you bag with your connecting airline.